Google Workspace Support & Consulting Overview

Google Workspace Consulting & Support

Enable remote working for your business. With Google Workspace any company, from a 2 person team to a globe-spanning enterprise, can enable, manage and secure their remote workforce and distributed teams at the click of a button.

The services that make up a remote working system are many and range from cloud file storage, managed email services, chat, and collaboration tools to user management and end-point security.   Google Workspace provides you with all these services for a monthly fee per user.

Evaluate Google Workspace

Are you considering Google Workspace as a solution but would like additional information or got some questions you would like to know the answer to? Our consultants will be able to assist. Contact us and we are more than happy to meet to discuss your requirements and answer your questions.

Google Workspace Enablement

If you have decided to move to a  Google Workspace solution you don't have to migrate all your services at once, or at all. You can decide which services to uses and enable additional services as your use of the system grows. Of course, you can always keep components of your current system which you have invested in and integrate those with Google Workspace services.

Our Clients

Our Clients






Google Workspace Services & Pricing

What services come bundled with Google Workspace? Service can be grouped into collaboration services, security services, and management.

Google workspace user management, authentication, and permissions are managed from an easy interface that allows for users to be granted access to services at a granular level.

Collaboration Tools
Improve productivity & time to market
  • Google Docs
  • Gmail for business includes anti-spam/phishing
  • Google Meet - Video conferencing
  • Google Chat - text chat for business
  • Google Calendar
Security Services
Don't be a victim of cyber crime
  • Centralised user management
  • Group based policy control
  • Endpoint management
  • Vault(Backups)*
  • Data loss/leak prevention

* Some services are only available at higher service levels

Why work with a Google Workspace Partner?

You get the same price as if you signed up with Google directly but we may even be able to negotiate better pricing for you. You leverage our expertise and save money by shorting the learning and implementation curve.

Not only will it cost you the same or less you also have access to a greater degree of support than if you tried on your own. As Google partners, we have access to a greater set of resources than you do on you own.

Pricing Levels and Services

Business Starter
  • Business email
  • 100 participant video chat
  • 30G storage/user
  • Security management & controls
  • Support
Business Standard
  • Business email
  • 150 participant video chat
  • 2T storage/user
  • Security management & controls
  • Support
Business Plus
  • Business email
  • 250 participant video chat
  • 5T storage/user
  • Security management & controls
  • Vault
  • Support
Enterprise Plus
  • Business email with eDiscovery, retention & encryption
  • 250 participant video chat + noise cancellation
  • unlimited storage/user
  • Security management & controls
  • Vault
  • Support

Google Cloud Platform Consulting & Support

Considering moving to the cloud? Don't know if Google Cloud Platform is the right fit for you? Contact Us and we will provide you with the information you need to decide.

Why Use a Google Cloud Platform Partner?

Sure you can create an account and sign up for yourself to use the Google Cloud platform but you will miss out on the following benefits of going through a cloud partner such as Jumping Bean:

  • Same price better support
    • You get the same price as if you managed your GCP account directly but without the support of our team of consultants
  • Access to discounts and special offers
    • Get access to any discount or special offers from Google
  • Want to run a Proof of Concept before committing?
    • We can assist with the set up of proof of concepts at no or reduced GCP resource cost.
  • What to improve you return on investment and time to implementation?
    • Leverage our experience consultants and don't learn the hard way.

Google Cloud Platform the most cost-effective cloud solution

Leverage the years of experience Google has at managing fault-tolerant infrastructure at scale and their industry-leading artificial intelligence and big data services.

Google Chrome Enterprise Consulting & Support

Looking for the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide IT support for your remote teams? With the growing push towards "working from home" traditional IT support functions need to transform to be able to support remote workers who may seldom come to the office.

Google Chrome Enterprise for Efficient & Secure IT Support

Google Chrome Enterprise bundles Google Chromebooks running Chrome OS and Google Cloud Services into a seamless offering that allows for the easy replacement, restoration, management and securing of users computing devices at an attractive price.

Need to replace a users computing device due to damage or loss? Easily configure and ship a new device to a users, with their configuration, in minutes. Since configuration and documents are stored in the cloud managing and securing user data is easier than ever before.

Chrome Hardware

Google Enterprise supports Chromebooks, Google Pixel and Android. Sessions are stored online enabling easy switching between devices and automatic storing of documents and data in the cloud.

Chrome OS has baked in security features that make it more secure. The operating system and applications are automatically patched and up-to-date and security policies are centrally enforced.

Provide you team with a Chromebook or Pixel device and have a single easy to manage and replace, homogeneous Eco-system for your IT team to support.

Why Work with A Google Chrome Enterprise Partner?

Leverage the skill and experience of our consultants and save time and money having to figure it out for yourself and learn the hard way.

We have access to the latest insights, trends and recommendations directly from Google enabling us to understand how the technology will evolve and how we can future proof your infrastructure to take advantage of new features and functionality

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