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We provide managed cloud support services for deployments on our cloud provider partners' infrastructure. Let us take the hassle out of signing up and establishing a presence on AWS or Google Cloud Platform. We provide ongoing support to manage, maintain and troubleshoot your cloud infrastructure. Our team of experts will deploy your applications, configure and monitor your cloud-based services and optimise storage and compute resources to minimise costs. Whether it's a fully outsourced service or a supplement to your existing team we can assist.

Reduce Complexity & Focus on your business

The cloud is a dynamic and complex environment. New services are constantly being introduced and selecting the best combination of service features, pricing and business requirements can be a time-consuming, error-prone and expensive process if you get it wrong.  Let us take away the hassle whilst you focus on your business.

We offer SLA-based services with guaranteed support levels and turn-around times. Our multi-disciplinary team has experience in AWS and Google Cloud Platform services allowing them to select the most cost-effective solution for your business and legal requirements. Everyone is focusing on cost reduction, including in the cloud, and multi-cloud is key to running services and workloads on the most cost-effective service provider that best suits the workload's requirements.  An additional benefit is the prevention of provider lock-in. We ensure that solutions are built in such a way as to minimise the dependence on provider-specific features.

All of the benefits none of the pain

Contact us to find out how our team can address your cloud pain. From implementing security and following best practices to managing storage, and optimising compute resources our team will make sure you are optimised for the cloud.

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