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Looking for the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide IT support for your remote teams? With the growing push towards "working from home" traditional IT support functions need to transform to be able to support remote workers who may seldom come to the office.

Google Chrome Enterprise for Efficient & Secure IT Support

Google Chrome Enterprise bundles Google Chromebooks running Chrome OS and Google Cloud Services into a seamless offering that allows for the easy replacement, restoration, management, and securing of users' computing devices at an attractive price.

Need to replace a user's computing device due to damage or loss? Easily configure and ship a new device to a user, with their configuration, in minutes. Since configuration and documents are stored in the cloud managing and securing user data is easier than ever before.

Chrome Hardware

Google Enterprise supports Chromebooks, Google Pixel and Android. Sessions are stored online enabling easy switching between devices and automatic storing of documents and data in the cloud.

Chrome OS has baked-in security features that make it more secure. The operating system and applications are automatically patched and up-to-date and security policies are centrally enforced.

Provide your team with a Chromebook or Pixel device and have a single easy to manage and replace, homogeneous Eco-system for your IT team to support.

Why Work with A Google Chrome Enterprise Partner?

Leverage the skill and experience of our consultants and save time and money having to figure it out for yourself and learn the hard way.

We have access to the latest insights, trends, and recommendations directly from Google enabling us to understand how the technology will evolve and how we can future proof your infrastructure to take advantage of new features and functionality

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