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The cloud promises a more agile, flexible, and cost-effective way to manage an organisations IT budget and resources, but many organisations are left at the mercy of concerted vendor marketing campaigns to to figure out which is the best strategy to adopt for their cloud adoption strategy and cloud architecture.

Vendor Independent Cloud Consulting

Jumping Bean's vendor-neutral cloud consulting services are here to assist your organisation to become cloud-ready, adopt a strategy that fits your business, and realise the benefits of clouds whilst minimising the pain of doing it on your own.

Risk-Based Approach to Cloud Computing

Our team has experts in Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Platform and Microsoft's Azure cloud services. As a multi-cloud team, we are able to architect solutions that leverage the strength of each provider and integrate their various services into a robust, cost-effective, vendor-independent strategy. Alternatively, you may wish to pick a single provider that best fits your organisational requirements.

Our services include:

  • Cloud Enablement,
  • Cloud Migration,
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud  Operations Integration & Training

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Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement - Cloud Adoption Strategy

Migrating to, and integrating the cloud into, your infrastructure and business processes offers many benefits but can be challenging.  An organisation needs to consider

  • what services, applications, and processes will be migrated and what will be kept on-premises,
  • when the identified services should be migrated,
  • which cloud provider to use, from a cost or service availability perspective and should it be a multi-cloud solution,
  • what skills and experience are required to migrate and manage the cloud securely.

Cloud Adoption Strategy is a Process

An organisations cloud strategy may go through several adjustments and variations as the results, and learnings, of pilot projects, are analysed and the business becomes comfortable with the cloud, what it offers and how it works.

Cloud Strategy Workshops, Information Gathering & Analysis

Jumping Bean is here to assist your organisation with these challenges and provide expert input to short-cut the learning and adoption curve in your organisation to realise the benefits of cloud utility computing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From conducting conceptual workshops, gathering and analysing information relating to your current environment and architecture, to the development of short-term and long-term plans including the drafting of policy and procedure relating to cloud processes, we have the skills to facilitate your organisation's cloud adoption strategy.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Consulting

Any cloud adoption strategy begins with cloud migration. This is the first step on the path to becoming a cloud-native organisation. It is also the riskiest phase of an organisations cloud adoption strategy as the organisation has no, or limited, familiarity with cloud technologies, how they work, and how best to secure and utilise them.

Cloud Migration Strategies

There are three broad approaches to cloud migration:

  • Rehosting also know as "lift and shift"
    • With lift and shift organisations simply take their existing services and applications that are running on-premise and move them to the cloud in virtual machines instances.  It requires no, or limited changes, to existing applications and services and reduces the risk of applications not working correctly or smoothly after the move to the cloud. It is also the quickest way to move to the cloud and the least costly process. However, it also means the organisation will see the least amount of benefits of moving to the cloud as the other strategies listed below. Applications will not be able to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud as much as the other approaches will. It is however usually the first step in the cloud adoption process as it allows the organisation to get familiar with the cloud whist keeping the applications and services known. It is similar to an infrastructure as a service approach to cloud computing.
  • replatforming
    • Replatforming involves making changes to applications and services to leverage cloud services, other than just compute and block storage in a virtual machine instance. Developers and system operators will make use of platform-as-a-service offerings such as relation database as a service (RDS) with automatic backups and high availability etc. This involves a longer time period to implement and is riskier than lift-and-shift but does realises more of cloud computing benefits
  • refactoring/rebuilding
    • This involves rewriting, or extensive refactoring, of applications to utilise cloud services. This may involve refactoring existing applications to become cloud-native apps or creating new applications from scratch that are written specifically to run in a flexible computing environment where resources are provided as services. This represents the ultimate goal of many cloud adoption strategies.

Save Time & Money with Cloud Migration Support

Jumping Bean offers services to assist with this phase of an organisations cloud adoption strategy.  We help assess the best approach, identity any skills requirements and develop a migration and skills development plan. In most cases, the migration plan will be the short-term goals of a longer-term cloud strategy to adopt a cloud-native approach to application services and delivery going forward. Whether its AWS, GCP or Azure we have the skills you require to achieve your desired outcome.

Cloud Operations Integration & Training

Cloud Operations Integration & Training

Adopting cloud computing not only requires training in technical skills for the operation and management of the cloud providers platforms, but also the adoption of new, or rather, re-purposed, roles and responsibilities. Teams will need to be trained in these new roles both from a technical and procedural perspective.

Cloud Operations Integration

Ensuring there is proper segregation of duties and that the correct, least-privilege, permissions have been assigned to roles is a daunting task. As an organisation moves through the cloud adoption stages from a lift-and-shift approach and finally to the stage of rebuilding applications to be cloud-native, there needs to be a well-defined process of how services move from development to production and who is responsible for the maintenance of operational budgets, system and security monitoring and who is accountable for what.

Jumping Bean can assist in the definition of these new roles and responsibilities assigning ownership and ensuring people are held accountable for those things that they can control.

Amazon Web Services  & Google Cloud Training

Jumping Bean can provide training for teams in both AWS and Google Compute Platform offerings. From basic to advanced, aligned with the providers' certification process, our courses will ensure your team has the right technical know-how to get their job done and get certified.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Whether it's Java, Python, or JavaScript with NodeJS Jumping Bean can provide training, not only in programming languages but how to build micro-service architectures using cloud services to speed up development and enable easy integration of services with a DevOps approach. From GIT and Jenkins to lambda functions, Kubernetes, and security we have courses to meet your needs.

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